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Interesting Fact of the Day...

Alnwick Castle's Poison Garden

If you're a Downton Abbey or Harry Potter fan, you might recognize this castle.

Alnwick Castle.

But, did you know it's home to the world's most dangerous garden?

Beyond locked gates are more than a hundred deadly plants. There is one that if you touch the leaves, your skin will burn and blister...for seven years. One of their gardeners once reached in to pull out a weed and suffered third degree burns.

In 2014, a 33-year-old gardener died from multiple organ failure after touching Devil's Helmet.

Ricin, cyanide, and strychnine...they're all here.

One flower, when taken in small doses, causes hallucinations. In the Victorian Era, some women would grow this flower and keep it on their table. When they'd have ladies over for afternoon tea, they'd sneak a little pollen into the pot and wait for their guest to start talking gibberish.

You can actually tour the infamous poison garden, if you so dare...

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