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Story Time...

A long time ago, when the gods were still roaming around Earth, there was a young Spartan prince named Hyancinthus.

Hyancinthus was super chill, mega good-looking, and athletic too.

Zeus’ son, Apollo, was completely in love with him.

So was Zephyrus, god of the west wind.

One afternoon, Hyacinthus and Apollo were playing a game of frisbee. In those days, the disc was made of stone. It was super heavy to throw, but these are legendary Spartans and Greek gods we’re talking about.

Apollo threw the discus.

Hyancinthus ran to catch it.

Zephyrus watched. In a moment of jealousy, and being god of the west wind, he blew the stone frisbee off course.

It hit the ground...

“Ha ha ha!” Zephyrus laughed, but then watched in horror as the discus bounced back up, struck Hyancinthus in the head, and killed him instantly.

It was a complete accident.

Apollo was beside himself with grief, trying everything to revive his dead lover.

When none of his advanced medical treatments worked, he even attempted to give Hyancinthus ambrosia to drink.

Ambrosia is the nectar of the gods—an elixir of immortality—and forbidden to mortals.

However, it was all in vain for Hyancinthus was already dead.

Instead of letting Hades take Hyancinthus’ soul to the underworld, Apollo turned him into a flower—the Hyacinth.

And millennia later, the Spartan prince is perfuming my kitchen.

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