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Story Time...

Here’s a bedtime story for you...

We’re in Australia. We wake up early one morning to scale the Sydney Harbour Bridge. After a safety briefing, we put on our jumpsuits and spend the next several hours climbing to the top.

Following our climb, we’re super pumped...and determined to find some kangaroos. So, my husband, Gord, goes online and reads there’s a place about an hour and a half from Sydney where herds of friendly, wild kangaroos are known to congregate.

We hop in the car and head to this little town, following directions he probably found on Reddit.

”Stop at X Grocery Store and buy a loaf of bread. The kangaroos love it and will even come up to you.”

"Wow! They'll even come up to us!"

We follow the instructions, eventually finding the little grocery store mentioned...and buy said loaf of bread.

We turn down a road in the middle of nowhere.

On one side of the street is an old psychiatric hospital.

Possibly ironic.

The other side of the street is a clearing on the edge of the woods— with over a hundred kangaroos.

Gord is over the moon. “Holy Moly!“

I’m like, ”Ya think this is a good idea?”

But never fear...Gord has a plan.

If any kangaroos get aggressive, we’ll throw the bag of bread the opposite way and run to the car. Worst case scenario, there’s a hospital across the street.

Suddenly, I’m married to Crocodile Dundee.

Gord’s heading into the field, waving the bag of bread. “G’day mates. Wanna treat?”

Sure hops over.

Then another.

And another.

And another.

A mama with a joey in her pouch, little legs sticking in the air.

The ones that came over were very sweet and quite tame and we ended up having the time of our lives—literally playing in a field with an enormous herd of wild kangaroos.

This might be filed under "stupid things tourists do," but it turned out to be an awesome day!

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